The Euro-Toques Commitment CODE OF HONOUR

Each and every Euro-Toques Chef undertakes to adhere to the following code of honor:

Article 1: 
Euro-Toques International is a European association of Chefs that represents its Euro-Toques members in all European countries.

Article 2:
 Euro-Toques stands for unprejudiced respect for the different traditions of the countries and regions of an enlarged Europe.

Article 3: 
Euro-Toques Chefs maintain good relationships and camaraderie with each other and give consumers a unified picture of this strong community.

Article 4: 
Euro-Toques Chefs guarantee certain common principles that are shared by all members across Europe.

Article 5: Euro-Toques Chefs publicize good practices and quality products within their community.

Article 6: Euro-Toques Chefs defend healthy food based on quality products.

Article 7:
 Euro-Toques Chefs defend natural foods and traditional recipes, campaign for the diversity of the European culinary heritage and ensure the continued existence of local and regional products.

Article 8: 
The products used in the kitchens are fresh and processed on the spot.

Article 9: 
The products being used, correspond with the season to respect the natural cycle and ensure the real taste and flavors.

Article 10: 
Euro-Toques Chefs are committed to a variety of flavors and ingredients. They show the consumer healthy food and contribute to a balanced diet.

Article 11: 
Protecting, informing and training consumers is part of the Euro-Toques mission.

Article 12: 
The transparency of the menu is crucial to maintaining consumer confidence.

Article 13: 
A Euro-Toques Chef maintains an absolute independence from his suppliers.

Article 14: 
The exercise of our profession must be transparent to ensure that the food is true and of known origin.

Article 15: 
Euro-Toques Chefs and tradition are able to develop a modern and cultural future. They create a feeling of pleasure and pleasant conviviality; an art of living.