November 26, 1986: Official recognition of the existence of Euro-Toques by Jacques Delors, President of the Commission of the European Communities.

Pierre Romeyer, the founding president of gastronomy, is elected for three years and quickly builds up the structures of the new Association:

  • Headquarters in Brussels
  • Representatives in the twelve EEC countries
  • Renowned partners.

Over the following three years, growth will multiply. A code of ethics will be created, a Management body will circulate between the member countries: the Euro-Toques magazine and, in particular, the doors of the European Commission, on which part of the legislation had drafted Agribusiness, open to Euro-Toques and allows them to have an expert seat in the Ministry of Commerce.

At the end of this first term, the European Community of Craftsmen can finally claim to be heard by the higher European authorities.

1989: Election of France as President of Euro-Toques for a four year Term. Mr. Paul Bocuse, founding member of France, becomes President.

1992: 2,500 chefs join Euro-Toques