Charter of Children's Menu

Based on the strong commitment to healthy and quality food, especially amongst our youngest to transmit and install good practices, Euro-Toques has implemented the “Charter of Children’s Menu”.

The children's menu in restaurants is often a poor reflection to the regular menu. The temptation for a restaurant to be lazy can lead to offering Dishes that are not optimally balanced and this is definately not encouraged.

To positively alter this behavior, the chefs of the Euro-Toques association offer the „Charter of Children's Menu" in their restaurants, which is based on these 5 commitments:

The 5 commitments of Euro-Toques chefs for children:

1 -Euro-Toques Chefs commit to highlighting seasonal products, relying well on the calendar of seasonal products and not only for fruits and vegetables

2 -Euro-Toques Chefs are committed to fighting childhood obesity with a balanced menu, less fat, less salt and less sugar

3 -Euro-Toques Chefs are committed to offering a quality, balanced menu at an attractive price in line with its establishment by showing regional products, cheeses, etc.

4 -Euro-Toques Chefs commit to serving meals and drinks with low salt and sugar content avoiding sodas (favoring fruit juices), deep fried products, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.

5 -Euro-Toques Chefs undertake to take care of the presentation of this menu and to adapt it to the age of the child with a playful presentation on the plate.

These commitments are not limiting, but are the base of our proposal that must be made to children. Curious gourmets will be happy to discover these proposals in restaurants, and parents anxious to develop their children’s taste buds, will be just as happy. The demand in this issue exists, so we must remain optimistic and work toward transmitting taste, flavor and season to the youngest. It is acting both for their health and for their culture.