About us

Founded in 1986 and initiated from Mr. Pierre ROMEYER and Paul BOCUSE, Euro-Toques has been committed to safeguarding and promoting quality and authentic food in its European network for over 33 years. Chefs and the Executive Committee in Brussels, in particular the Director in General for Agriculture, Consumer Protection and Public Health.

Once every year, at the invitation of the President of the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture, Euro-Toques has the privilege of being heard by MEPs, to whom the association will be presenting live to the main EU issues.

This makes Euro-Toques a true lobby, partner of local, national and European institutions involved in the inter institutional decision-making process on the production, marketing and processing of fresh food.

We participate directly into the work of:

  • The Intergroup Traditions-Quality of the European Parliament.
  • The Food Committee of the Director in General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission.

Euro-Toques International has a permanent presence thanks to its permanent lobby office in Brussels.

Euro-Toques is the only lobbyists association of chefs officially recognized by the European Commission.

We owe this European recognition to Mr. Jacques Delors.

Because it is necessary to "act to not suffer"

Today craftsmen are joining Euro-Toques around Europe.

Euro-Toques International has developed regional coordination with the creation of reference leaders to welcome, inform and communicate information and local actions to its members.

This is the link between the countries and the office so that each year's congress takes into account the problems, initiatives and suggestions of our members.

The views, interventions and measures of Euro-Toques serve as the basis for their work with the various Community institutions comprising the Commission, the Council, the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee.